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Investors will benefit from a high yield return realised within 3 years and will have the opportunity to consolidate future growth and prosperity with the company. is seeking initial investment which will be eligible for EIS tax relief to cover the pre and post launch expenditure and acquisition of important business critical assets. The company has already invested £50k in start-up costs, development, market research and planning.

In return for the initial investment, is offering equity in the company. This offer should be considered as a short to medium term investment with medium risk coupled with rapid return on investment and increase in equity valuation.

Comparison Corporation Ltd has advance assurance from HMRC that it is eligible for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), which offer considerable tax relief for eligible investors. SEIS will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


Future exit strategy for investors include share sales to the company or external parties, or listing on the stock exchange to attract broader sources of funding and provide an exit for investors’ shareholdings. From our analysis on comparable sales of uSwitch to Zoopla for GBP 160 million plus a performance based earn-out of GBP 30 million in 2015, we are positive on future strategic sales outlook. Alternatively, there is also potential for acquisition by a UK property portal seeking to add value to their existing online offer or a large PCW / telecoms company looking to add to their portfolio. After its fifth successful operational year (or possibly before), and when brand is at its peak, the company owners will be open to the possibility to strategically exit through IPO or acquisition.

IPOs are very buoyant in this sector, in 2016 BGL Group who own announced its flotation on the LSE estimated to raise GBP 2 billion.

Companies are competing to become dominant brands in rapidly emerging markets such as PCWs and branch into new successful vertical markets with a high customer following.

The executive board at that time will consider a partial, majority or total buyout from a third-party company who has an existing presence in the marketplace or wishes to consolidate its market positioning through expansion into the services arena, for some significant earnings multiple.


To find out more or request our business plan email or call 03303112625 and an electronic copy will be sent.

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